The Great Lakes Region includes the eight U.S. States of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

Located in the industrial heartland of North America the region is setting the pace in the global marketplace and protecting the world's largest single source of fresh water.

Why invest in the Great Lakes Region?

World Class Economy

  • The Region's economy is the 3rd largest "country" GDP in the world
  • Considered one of the Country's emerging mega regions

Abundant Natural Resources

  • The Great Lakes contain 1/5 of world's fresh surface water
  • The region has 10,000 miles of Great Lakes Beaches and Coastline

Highly Educated Workforce

  • World class educational institutions and research programs
  • World center for developing new ideas and technology

Transportation and Infrastructure

  • Centralized location with outstanding market access
  • Extensive rail, highway, freight and port system

Great Lakes States